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How we work

We provide independent and research based consulting to help you succeed. Ranging in scope from a short strategy session to custom projects. Below is a list of offerings and services that we deliver. And you're just one click away from finding a true match to your needs.


Insights and knowledge...

Business intelligence: To know is to have power and with power you can make true changes happen. That's why you need to master the discipline of business intelligence - it is a winner. We help you stay on track and build your organisation's collective know-how. Be it through examples such as Balanced Score Card or tagging and tracking of your digital estate.

Benchmarking: is comparing processes and performance metrics to industry best practices. We've made one that measures your digital presence and it can be available for you! The insights are revealing and you will know exactly how your performance compares to your peers.


Priorities and choices...

Engagement strategy: We want the public to care - and we want you to succeed. Getting true engagement prerequisites a clear value proposition and positioning strategy. It will make you stand apart from the rest - and make you shine!

Optimization strategy: Imagine a 20 page document showing your digital strengths and weaknesses. Including key suggestions on what to optimize. Added to this is a roadmap for implementation - and you are off on your journey to optimize your digital presence.


Making it happen...

User experience:. All communication and every touch point which people experience leaves an emotional trace - it defines a journey. You want to control how that journey is and build the right one for your donors, customers and members. We build them together with you, online or as part of your loyalty program. And if you need the automation to make the user experience happen smoothly, we can help you with this as well.

Digital Marketing: You need to be online with SoMe. Traffic to your digital estate needs monitoring and ongoing management. Your campaigns prosper or die with how well you perform on search engine marketing and build of reach. Being great at digital marketing takes more than a handful of skills. And not everyone has the luxury of a full team to support them inhouse. That's why we offer them as one-time gig or as part of an ongoing outsourcing program.

Let us fill the competency gap in your digital capability.


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