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Agency Scandinavia's dedication is to helping non-profit organisations change the world. We work with a range of organisations from charity, culture, membership to government institutions. No matter what your mission is, we deliver the knowledge needed for you to achieve your goals.

Agency Scandinavia is a small dedicated team. Our focus is generating knowledge and insights for you to be at the top of your game. We ease innovation and help optimize on delivery. Resulting in freeing you up to make optimal decisions, prioritise and secure implementation.

  • We provide independent and research based consulting to help you succeed.
  • Jobs range in scope from a short strategy session to custom projects.
  • If you need to know why, what and how digital can work for you - we are the place to shop.
  • Ideally we will work close, like an integrated team, rather than an external supplier.
  • The question is how much more you need to know to be on top of your game?


The way we succeed

Everything starts with understanding the challenges that you face. We like to call them problems. Given that problems are urgent and need fixing right now! And we are heroes at fixing problems. From our experience, most problems exist due to lack of facts, information and skills. Here is where working with knowledge comes into play. For us working with knowledge is what we do morning, afternoon and sometimes at night.

Generating new knowledge is about generating a competitive advantage for your organisation. You need to own the right knowledge to ensure that it becomes action. And here the million-dollar question is what type of knowledge are you lacking?

01. Market knowledge

To be outstanding, there are two areas that need to be owned by you. A unique position in the market and the ability to be the best at what you do. Through benchmarking of performance you get access to knowledge of position and performance.

02. Organisational knowledge

To drive performance over days, weeks and years, you need to know where you are going and how fast you are going there. We help you understand key performance indicators. And enable you to track and know these indicators real-time, so you can act on them today and not stall till tomorrow.

03. Individual knowledge

Getting the right skills, capacity and insights in your team is paramount to success. We create access to what individuals need to learn. Be it through internal bespoke training process or bringing together a network of excellent practitioners.


“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing”

Socrates  |  philosopher

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Agency Scandinavia started in 2013 as a fundraising bureau servicing the charity sector. Following international trends we developed donor experiences and new membership concepts. The founding team all had extensive experience in European fundraising. Be it as public speaker, consultant or as entrepreneurs.

In 2016 we expanded our portfolio to include more digital services. Including  capacity building and full campaign development. Facebook became the dominating engagement method. Google Grants/Adwords became part of basic organisational hygiene.

Through our work, a question kept re-appearing. How are we performing? What is good, better and the best performance on digital channels?

In 2017 we decided to shift our focus from fundraising to knowledge management. Finding answers to our clients questions became our raison d'etre. The first initiative was a benchmark analysis on digital channels performance. Digital Advantage was the name. Facebook, Google Adwords, E-mail marketing and website performance was its game.

The demand for related analyses and training rose. Followed by clients' need for specific insights and monitoring of KPI's. In 2018 Agency Scandinavia transformed into a partner for development/application of knowledge. Enabling clients to engage the public to fulfill their crucial mission.




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